“John Sexton has taken up where Ansel Adams left off,and he has done it with a powerful vision and a strong sense of purpose. His latest book, Recollections, is an essential volume for anyone who loves great photography.”

– David Hume Kennerly, Pulitzer Prize winning photographer

"John Sexton is the contemporary master of black and white silver photographic processes. His beautiful prints are the best examples of a process at its peak, the handmade artifacts of a demanding craft."

– Mark Klett, photographer

“John Sexton’s images in Recollections portray idyllic landscapes in moments of rare beauty–seductive, mysterious, and vaguely familiar. Time slows down, movement ceases, the world becomes quiet, and if we are patient, the subtle whisperings of the land may be heard.”

– Michael Kenna, photographer

“I’ve always looked into John Sexton’s images of man and nature and found a vision beyond classic technical proficiency. Recollections exhibits a deep passion for nature that is expressed in a certain vibrancy of imagery. It is always refreshing to see a life’s work and a life full of photographic passion.”

– Bruce Davidson, photographer

“With photography changing so rapidly today, we have an ever greater need for someone to uphold the tradition of commitment to the dignity and beauty of nature, and of the meaningful expression of true and positive values. John Sexton exemplifies this commitment in his images, and has done so for over thirty years. To admire his work is not to regress in time, but to revel in the continuation of a mode of making images that uplifts us all and gives us hope.”

– Peter C. Bunnell, McAlpin Professor of the History of Photography
and Modern Art Emeritus, Princeton University

“In Recollections John Sexton draws on his powerful ability to make photographs that lift the veil of our ordinary vision, so that we may share his profound and sacred relationship to the earth. His images glorify the natural environment, exposing primordial forces that draw us closer to the land, revealing a spiritual dimension in the natural world.”

– Marilyn Bridges, photographer

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