“Sexton’s images identify harmony, balance, power, stillness, or even sanctuary. The photographs speak in humane metaphors, describing the fundamental unity of the physical world, of which we are one part. By extension they ask us to imagine living harmoniously within it. He prefers that we are able to sense our own invitation into a scene. He is less interested in excess than access.”

– Arthur Ollman, from his foreword

“In looking at John’s work, I can vicariously feel the slickrock, the soft earth, the granite, or the rush of a moving stream under my feet and imagine the elation that awaits upon my return to the wilderness.”

– Ray McSavaney, from his afterword

“I feel privileged to communicate through the medium of photography, to pursue the magic of light as it transforms the silver emulsions of my film and paper, as well as the emulsion of my heart, mind, and soul. It is my pleasure to present some of the photographs I have collected during the past three decades in this book. I hope that you will sense a glimmer of the magic and the excitement I felt while making these images.”

– John Sexton, from his preface

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